A complete range of paper and plastic shopping bags allows you to satisfy all your needs: from the simplest and cheapest shopping bags to the most luxurious and sophisticated solutions.



Midì Bags is not just shoppers, it offers you the opportunity to coordinate the entire range of your packaging, as well as to create a line of products that includes ribbons, gift paper, tissue paper, boxes, parcel markers, greeting cards and much more



Launched in July 2009, Midì Bags srl was born from the union of the strength and experience of two leading companies in the packaging sector: Saul Sadoch and Milabb srl.

Saul Sadoch Spa Rex Paper Products, manufacturer of cigarette papers Bravo since 1914, has extended production over time and today offers a complete line of products in paper, polypropylene and fabric, becoming a leader in the supply of items for packaging both for large-scale distribution and for wholesalers and in the customized napkin sector.

Milabb srl, founded in 1972, specializes in the production and distribution of customized plastic and paper bags. The experience gained in the domestic and foreign market, the precision, the technology, the accuracy in the service and the punctuality in deliveries have brought a constant growth, allowing the company to count the biggest names among its customers.

Midì Bags srl thus becomes part of an important group that represents a turnover well over 40 million euros, with production units distributed throughout the national, European and Asian territory, and above all with a great tradition in the world of packaging and gifts.